2019 Reading Performance

This year, we’ve created a reading performance of the Grandchildren of Hiroshima. The opening, which was on August 3rd at Hiroshima Aster Plaza, was a success followed by two more performances on the 4th.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to everyone who came to see our show, and to the many people who have supported us!

We’re already taking our next step in hope that we can further learn and think together with more people, and continue passing on the message of Hiroshima. Thank you for your continuous support and love!

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Thank you all for coming!

We would like to thank all of you who came to see the performance this year and to those who have continued to support this project.

Unfortunately, this will be our last year for a big production. However, we are seeking ways to continue this project in some way. So until next time ….

Thanks to everyone who have been a part of this project in the past 5 years; the survivors who welcomed the children to interview them, cast members, staff, parents, and all who came to see our show.

Thank you very very much!!!

Free Screening & Origami Crane Workshop on Aug.6th

There will be a free screening of the “Grandchildren of Hiroshima” on August 6th, Monday from 11:00 〜 at JMS Aster Plaza – gallery on the 1st floor .

After the screening, we will make accessories using handmade origami cranes!

We will have a special guest come to the event and a gift of music from the cast members!

Please come by and spend some times with us!
We will be looking forward to seeing you there!

Come see our 2018 performance!

We will be performing “The Grandchildren of Hiroshima” and “After Hiroshima” again this year.


Performance Date & Time

August 10th Friday
Grandchildren of Hiroshima 3pm
After Hiroshima 7pm

August 11th Saturday
Grandchildren of Hiroshima 11am
After Hiroshima 3pm


Ticket Price – advance (doors)

Grandchildren of Hiroshima 1500yen(1800円)
After Hiroshima 1200yen(1500円)
Grandchildren of Hiroshima & After Hiroshima 2500yen(3000円)



JMS Aster Plaza (Multi-Studio Room on 2nd floor)


We hope to see you there!


Advance Tickets available at:
JMS Aster Plaza Information Lounge
TEL: 082-244-8000