'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' Audience Feedback

. Extraordinary and moving. 
I feel emboldened to work hard for peace, for justice, for fairness for all beings.

It was great how the play appealed to the audiences' heart through a combination of many different methods. I would like for my child to see it when I become a mom.

I think the play was structured in a very understandable way with the cooperation from the survivors. The way it was directed felt innovating.

It is easy to view the bombing as quite a singular event. It's nice to have that perception challenged.

I felt the actors' convey the horrifying experience that should never be repeated and also became a time for me to reconfirm those thoughts myself.

When I saw "our memorable place" disappear, I thought to myself, "oh, that's what it meant". There were many scenes in which they went beyond hearing testimonies and deeply pierced my heart.

I liked how the distance between the performers and the audience were close and how involved I felt. It was very powerful and I was touched. I learned about Hiroshima and hope that more people will see it.

I was able to understand and consider the content deeper because there were cast members close to my own age.

The only emotion I felt towards a-bomb related stories was "fear" and I've always avoided such subjects on TV.  After seeing this performance, I didn't just feel "fear" but also a desire to "know."

I think to have people from various age groups working together in itself is something that could lead to peace.

I know a lot of these stories — But the after stories, the healing, were really great to hear in this visual way. 
So effective to have KIDS.
 Really, thank you. Exceedingly well crafted and performed.

Deep feeling; revelations about the personal experiences. Powerful, effective, a new level of engagement that works beautifully.

I was touched beyond words. I wish that this show will be seen by many people.

The play went beyond relaying the survivors' voice, but was shown through a multi-dimensional content which made it feel very real to me. 

I felt it particularly meaningful that the play was intergenerational, especially with very young children.

Excellent. Brilliant. Powerful. Creative. Human. Fluid. Adventurous and creative use of stage and props.

I watched with anticipation unsure of what to expect from the unconventional setting of the stage. Seeing the fully devoted performance of the actors, I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. There aren't enough words to express all that I'm feeling.

I was able to once again realize the importance of being born in Hiroshima.

I had learned in school that there were great damages done to people and plants, but didn't know that a lot of sparrows also died. It was the first time for me to have a vivide image of how every life, including insects, disappeared.

. Moving - powerful.
Emphasizes the strives of people.

I think that as Hibakushas age, for little children and young adults, and those that are parents to learn and enact what happened to Hiroshima can be an effective way to tell the tragedy of war and the A-bomb, and also how precious peace is to many people.

I think it would be great for as many children as possible to have an opportunity to see a project like this. I believe it will have a positive effect on their growth. It was surprising to see the power of delivery children hold.

Though this is about the past and it's not something I've personally experienced, I realized that the people who lived back then are not that different than myself.

I felt the message with my eyes, ears, and body. The play had a different style than anything I've ever seen before and left me speechless.

I loved seeing the performances of the children. They were the highlight of the show! To see them interacting with other performers, young and old, was very 

Being from Hiroshima, I have seen and heard stories of the a-bomb before but nothing like this play. It spoke many things to my heart like never before and made me think.

There was something that moved me deeply, even more than the previous year. This play based on the testimonies of the survivors has such convincing power. 

The production is simple, yet holds a strong impact on the tragedy of the a-bomb and war. 

How wonderful to see people of all ages expressing peace together. It filled me with gratitude. Amazing!

The topic is a very heavy one but I liked how I was able to watch the overall performance without feeling too dark. The childrens' facial expression allowed me to experience how things were like back then.

All I had known before were stories and photos, everything through a screen. Watching this performance brought it to life which was a moving experience.

Peace has no generational boundaries. It has to be pursued by every men and every women of all ages worldwide.

I felt the terror of the atomic bomb and the preciousness of peace through the enactment of the survivors' testimonies.

Difficult to follow the dialogue (being English), but some of the images created were superb!
 I particularly enjoyed the children's games, the rubble silhouettes and puppetry.

I have learnt a lot about the character of the Hiroshima people and their respectful and peaceful response to the horror of the bomb.

I have been in Hiroshima for almost 3 weeks, seeing art exhibits, dance, theatre, ceremonies, hearing hibakusha stories. This is one of, if not the most moving experiences of my time here. Much more emotional, more connected.

It made me realize how relevant the incident 70 years still is today and in the context of Hiroshima past and present.