About your life before that day,
your life after that day, and your life on that day.
This is a story of
"Children from Hiroshima" 70years ago and
"Children from Hiroshima" now,
meeting, talking, and joining hands
to pass down an important story.

Hiroshima has been sending out messages of peace,
striving to make peace a reality for all who live on this earth.


'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' is another way for us to think about peace and to pass on the message of peace.


In the summer of 2014, children in Hiroshima interviewed A-Bomb survivors (Hibakushas) about their life back then, memories they have, and what they had experienced.


'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' was created based on these interviews and opened on August 6th 2015 - the 70th Anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on the city.

all of the survivors who let the children interview them

  • Suzumi Aono

  • Etsuya Okamura

  • Tomie Okimoto

  • Yoshiko Kajimoto

  • Fumiaki Kajiya

  • Akito Kono

  • Hiroe Sato

  • Toshiko Tanaka

  • Takashi Teramoto

  • Ukusu Han

  • Etsuko Matsuura

  • Hiroko Menda

  • Teruko Yahata

  • Sadao Yamamoto

  • Mireko Yoshihara

Incredibly effective and dynamic!

I loved the energy of the kids
paired with the recorded and read testimonies.

'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' audience feedback

My heart poured out

I felt "life" very strongly.
Something I couldn't comprehend or understand
came pouring out and overflowed.
It felt as though my heart simply gushed out.

'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' audience feedback

Visual Poetry...

I wept and couldn't stop.
The Children, The Children!!

'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' audience feedback

Truly moved

Seeing the children express the voices of the survivors
and their experiences was such a moving experience.

'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' audience feedback

Direct from the heart

I felt like the cast members were communicating the Hibakusha's heart
directly to us and it brought me to tears. 
I hope that people who don't reside in Hiroshima will also get to see this play.

'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' audience feedback

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Donations & Funding

The very first year of 'Grandchildren of Hiroshima' was made possible
due to generous support from many individual donors and grants.
We are so thankful to all who helped us bring this project to life.


Please help us
as we continue to share this episode of our history
to as many people as we can toward a world without nuclear weapons.


We would welcome donations of any size.
For more details, please contact us.


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